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By Marsh Fisher

ISBN-10: 1560795670

ISBN-13: 9781560795674

A provocative advisor to artistic considering explains how you can paintings with the brain to increase a marketing strategy, enhance customer support, unravel interpersonal clash, prepare a presentation or advert crusade, advance new services, and get the activity you will want. travel.

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As the phone slammed into its cradle, all of Monica's systems ratcheted to Red Alert. Her chafed nerve endings relayed their message. "Torpedo Room reporting. " 48 The IdeaFisher "Gut," came the reply. A woman of Wagnerian stature, Monica Tietze strode out of her mahogany-paneled office in search of the quarry. The final countdown had begun. She crossed the executive secretaries' enclave, passed the huge inverted triangle shelves that held the firm's prestigious awards, and marched into enemy territory, where she would find her target.

And, second: How can I use this word—alone, some part of it, or in combination with another—to solve my problem? " Lenny asked Oscar. " responded Oscar. "Puh-lees, we'll be here forever," said Regina. "Then," said the Captain, "in the interest of time, perhaps it would be best if each of you took a minute and independently wrote down as many pieces of Word Bait as you can think of. Do not attempt to land that Big Idea on your first cast. " "Ya got a deal," said Oscar, reaching for his pen and legal pad.

Unicorns don't really exist. They never did. So how can the concept of a unicorn be explained? Associational Thinking solves the puzzle. In addition to storing ideas in associated groups, there is another function of the mind 4 HilLS, Philip J. " 'Hole' in Tumor Patient's Memory Reveals Brain's Odd Filing System," The Neu; Vbrk Times, September 15, 1992. Nature Magazine, September 1992, 18 The IdeaFisher called imagination. Imagination has access to all of the stored information, and it has the ability to pick and choose images and concepts from different groups and combine them.

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