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The section closes with one of the most ancient Hebrew poems, Canticle of Deborah (ch. 5). 7–10). 35), and the section closes tragically with the story of Abimelech (ch. 9), Gideon’s son, and the first attempt to establish a monarchy in Israel. 10–16). 7). 31), which has an ending that is tragical and yet is triumphant, closes this section and the body of the book. 8–15). Probably, the insertion was occasioned by the story of Jephthah who combined the office of minor judge with the role of great liberator.

2 ad 3; In 1 perih. 6, 9; In 6 meta. 1236). The judgment made contains implicitly the affirmation that the thing is as the intellect has conceived it. Thus there is here the known conformity required for formal truth (In 1 perih. 3. 2; In 1 sent. 2). Judgment accordingly implies assent, which is adherence to a proposition as true (De ver. 1). By expressing the ‘‘is’’ (or ‘‘is not’’) of judgment man commits himself to the truth or falsity of the composition he makes, and in this his knowledge is completed (C.

1 n). T. REID rejected the ‘‘ideal system’’—the doctrine of ideas as substitutes for things—of Descartes, Locke, and Hume. 7), rather than reduce judgment to simple apprehension he made judgment come first. 3). Because ‘‘sensation must go before memory and imagination,’’ he argues that ‘‘it necessarily follows that apprehension accompanied with belief and knowledge must go before simple apprehension . . , so that here, instead of saying that the belief or knowledge is got by putting together and comparing the simple apprehensions, we ought rather to say that simple apprehension is performed by resolving and analyzing a natural and original judgment’’ (ibid.

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