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By C. H. Bamford

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With fast withdrawal rates, even using the optimum interruption time, the limit is significantly below the maximum. With high mole fractions of 0 2 ,use of very slow withdrawal rates may cause complete suppression of the explosion. The pattern is similar to that indicated by Egerton and Warren [ 241 . (iii) Similar behaviour t o (ii) is found at both 460 and 440 OC, except that as the temperature is decreased, the necessary withdrawal rates decrease also, and the interruption times increase significantly.

It is these elementary steps which are involved in the slow reaction and at the third limit. Salt coated vessels may be assumed to be moderately or highly efficient for the destruction of hydroperoxyl at the surface. In such vessels the radical concentration is likely to be low and reactions between radicals are unlikely to be important. The reactions proposed for the HO, under these conditions were (xi) [l, 231, or (xia) [7], the first of which leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide and has since been shown to be the faster of the two [45].

Different vessels of the same diameter also give similar reproducibility, which is also unaffected by leaving the vessel out of use in an evacuated condition, or filled with H,, O,, or water vapour, either at room temperature or at 500 OC. The reaction is autocatalytic, resembling in this respect the situation already encountered with uncoated quartz or glass vessels. However, in contrast with the results of Lewis and von Elbe [23] for a quartz vessel, Baldwin and Mayor [45] found little or no effect of addition of up to 22 torr added water on either the induction period or the maximum rate, irrespective of whether the water was added a short time before, or together with, the reactants themselves.

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