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By Edith Cadivec

Edith Cadivec (1880 - ?) used to be a Viennese schoolmistress of the 1920's and infamous intercourse legal. This sensational autobiographical novel opens with ecstatic letters from Senta, a like-minded taskmistress in a personal girls' tuition. Their correspondence absolutely describes the 2 flagellants' erotic rigidity and intoxication, and the younger girls' naughtiness and disobedience that calls for common awareness. eventually Senta is ready to flow to Vienna to stay with Edith, and because the narrative maintains they additional pursue their ardour for every different and their younger charges.

Cadivec was once arrested, attempted, and convicted in 1924 at the cost of sexually abusing 8 underage ladies less than her care, together with her personal daughter. After a 3 day trial, within the Viennese court docket, she used to be sentenced to 6 years in detention center yet used to be let out in December 1925 after displaying symptoms of psychological instability.
When arrested she was once present in ownership of a big choice of birches, whips, canes, and erotic images. one of many whips had a silver knob with the engraving, Dominatrix. additionally printed have been compromising letters to a painter in Innsbruck which enlarged on her pursuits in erotic sadism. The testimony of the trial exhibits that Cadivec not just flogged the youngsters less than her care, but in addition indulged in intercourse acts with them and invited paying site visitors to observe. From legal she defined the depths of her obsession whilst she instructed her legal professional, "Thinking approximately my whip is the only real comfort i've got left."

Two books she wrote on her stories entitled Confessions and stories and Eros, the which means of My existence (published jointly in 1930) are considered as, a bit of deranged, classics of erotic literature and completed a large sale and have been translated into many languages. In them the writer portrays herself as not able to manage the sexual thrill she acquired, while flogging, within the pursuits of self-discipline, the minors below her cost, and being a sufferer of her personal lust - even though outdoors observers were much less charitable approximately her motives

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But each time I find new beauties in them, wonderful exciting portrayals, which, sure as fate, no less than you, force me to make the sacrifice to Eros which this god demands from me, with my right hand.... But I still do not have a recent photograph of you so that I can see how you look today. I grow mad with joy at the thought that it will soon be arriving. Only then will I be able to give myself wholly to the blissful thoughts that it is you yourself, who, with sweet words of enchantment, whispers your ineffable exciting experiences in my ear so that we can enjoy them together until the last drop....

Marie lay thus before my lustful gaze while I felt a convulsive twitching between my vaginal lips and the stimulus in my inner sex intensified in leaps and bounds. Fraulein Petersen raised her right hand, and with an elastic wrist she pounded the left side of Marie's bottom with the whole flat of her hand. The resounding blows were followed by a piercing shriek and an endless series of “no! no! ” The second round hit the right buttock, and the fiery red imprint of Fraulein Petersen's whole palm and five fingers were clearly visible on both halves of little Marie's small bottom.

I believe in you and for me this is the only consolation in this gaping emptiness. I know, beforehand, that I shall perforce be thinking of you every minute, every second, for you have all my thoughts for all time. You are my All, without you I can no longer breathe in the world. Yes, my love, I shall write you a travel diary, which I shall send you afterward so that you can see that I did not forget you for a single moment You shall know every detail that I experience on the journey, every thought and every sensation will be yours.

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