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By Kihachiro Kikuzawa, Martin J. Lechowicz

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Leaf sturdiness is a basic approach underlying styles of edition in foliar phenology and identifying the excellence among deciduous and evergreen plant species. edition in leaf toughness is linked to a big selection of ameliorations within the body structure, anatomy, morphology and ecology of crops. This publication brings jointly for the 1st time info scattered broadly within the botanical literature to supply a transparent and complete creation to the character and value of edition in leaf toughness. It strains the advance of principles approximately leaf sturdiness from the earliest descriptive stories to modern conception of leaf sturdiness as a key aspect within the functionality of leaves as photosynthetic organs. An figuring out of edition in leaf toughness finds a lot in regards to the nature of edition on the entire plant point and offers primary insights into the root of version in plant productiveness on the surroundings point. The research of leaf sturdiness additionally presents a process-based standpoint on phenological shifts linked to the altering weather. Readers will locate this an informative synthesis summarizing and illustrating diversified perspectives in a without problems obtainable narrative that pulls recognition to a vital point of plant biology.

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2003). These various calculations of leaf longevity are all variants on a theme that arise in the juxtaposition of alternative sampling designs and interspecific contrasts in leaf demography. All the calculations use data on the relative timing of leaf emergence and leaffall in different demographic scenarios that can be visualized in the graphical framework introduced by Navas et al. (2003). In all the calculations of leaf longevity based on repeated census of leaf emergence and leaffall, the precision of the leaf longevity estimate ultimately depends on the census interval.

17) which is equivalent to the equation given by Williams et al. (1989). The photosynthetic rate at the terminal leaf lifespan when shoot growth is maximized is then a* = 0. 2 Population Growth Rates Although leaves do not reproduce in the ways that individual plants and animals do, nonetheless the leaves in a plant canopy can be considered a population subject to the equations governing population growth. 2 (continued) where N0 and Nx are the number of individuals at times 0 and x, respectively, and r is the intrinsic rate of population growth.

Midori-numa, Daisetsu-san, Hokkaido, Japan Defining Leaf Longevity Leaf longevity and “leaf lifespan” are sometimes used as equivalent terms, and at other times “leaf longevity” designates the potential longevity of leaves and “leaf lifespan” their realized longevity. To keep things simple, we here consistently refer only to leaf longevity, qualifying the context as may be necessary. With an emphasis on times when a leaf can carry out its photosynthetic function, we define leaf longevity as the period from the emergence to the fall of a leaf.

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