Community without Community in Digital Culture by Charlie Gere (auth.) PDF

By Charlie Gere (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1137026677

ISBN-13: 9781137026675

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ISBN-13: 9781349439324

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The world-historical movement of peoples of the earth who have been drawn into modernity’s arena of power’. 82 Michael Gillespie suggests that nominalism affected pretty well the entire course of philosophical modernity from Descartes, who with his ‘cogito’ attempted to ‘open up a space for man, a realm of freedom invulnerable to the powers of God’,83 to Kant, Fichte, Hegel and the Romantics (and what he calls the ‘demonic’), the Russian nihilists and onto Nietzsche. As one of the heirs of Nietzsche, Derrida can be thought of as something of a nominalist, though this would be at best a simplification.

At the same time, more or less, Jacques Derrida began to develop his ideas of ‘deconstruction’. One thinker associated with Death of God theology, Mark C. 2 37 38 Community without Community in Digital Culture In a sense, all of Derrida’s complex and often obscure or difficult work can be understood as a life-long project to think through the relation between the death of God and technicity in terms of ‘writing’, a term which Derrida uses to refers not simply to the act of making marks that signify, but more generally to the way in which all thinking is always already bound up in a structure of difference and absence that is normally thought to be a concomitant of writing in the sense in which that term is normally understood.

31 Duffy does, however, note that the later Middle Ages also saw an increasing tendency towards the privatization of the Eucharist experience. 32 Rituals such as the Eucharist, along with institutions such as guilds, and new forms of social protocol involving the formalizing of friendly greeting, were all part of a deliberate attempt to enable the renunciation of violence. 33 Bossy also singles out the feast of Corpus Christi, which commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist, and which was invented in the thirteenth century though only gaining popularity in the fourteenth.

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