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In the past, students opened their windows in an effort to regulate room temperature. We, club members, made them aware of how they could contact the facilities staff to change thermostat settings. Campus Ecology Yearbook 2006-2007 - 17th Edition 42 Staff members have also commented that they now take responsibility for turning off lights in rooms as a result of the nearby stickers. Climate Change One project was to save energy through reduced use of electricity and natural gas. We, in the club, will be monitoring the college’s future consumption and comparing it to present and past usage to measure improvements in energy efficiency.

Bicycle storage and fewer parking spots for automobiles. • Energy-efficient lights and appliances plus electricity-use monitoring. html Challenges and Responses The major challenges and obstacles were encountered while trying to push forward the green building agenda, especially in the early days when the current groundswell was in its infancy. Little support existed for imposing green building standards on residential developments at the beginning, but in setting targets for this form of development UBC Properties Trust eventually acceded to project members’ tenacity and decided to take an active role in the process.

In academia, UBC has many years of nurturing world-class scholars, including Ecological Footprint theorist Bill Rees and green architecture genius Ray Cole.

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Campus Ecology Yearbook 2006-2007 by National Wildlife Federation

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