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By Dr. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer

Brewer's Dictionary of word & Fable has been a lot enjoyed for its wit and knowledge considering 1870. This iconic reference ebook will take you on an enthralling experience via its distinct mix of language, tradition, delusion and legend.

This newest variation, edited via Susie Dent, contains an fascinating complement of Brewer's Gems--facts, fables and curiosities from Brewer collections of past.

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Adrian is the patron saint of the Flemish brewers. Adriel in Dryden's Absalom and Achitophel, is meant for the Earl of Mulgrave. ” Part I. Adrift I am all adrift. He is quite adrift. To turn one adrift. Sea phrases. A ship is said to be adrift when it has broken from its moorings, and is driven at random by the winds. To be adrift is to be wide of the mark, or not in the right course. To turn one adrift is to turn him from house and home to go his own way. Adroit properly means “to the right” (French, à droite).

Roger Bacon (1214——1292). Admiral corruption of Amir—al. ” Paradise Lost , i. 292. The word was introduced by the Turks or Genoese in the twelfth century, and is the Arabic Amir with the article al (lord or commander); as Amir—al—ma (commander of the water), Amir—al—Omra (commander of the forces), Amir—al—Muminim (commander of the faithful). English admirals used to be of three classes, according to the colour of their flag — Admiral of the Red, used to hold the centre in an engagement. Admiral of the White, used to hold the van.

Aladine was slain by Raymond. Alako Son of Baro—Devel, the great god of the gipsies. The gipsies say that he will ultimately restore them to Assas in Assyria, their native country. The image of Alako has a pen in his left hand and a sword in his right. Alans Large dogs, of various species, used for hunting deer. “Skins of animals slain in the chase were stretched on the ground ... e. ” — Sir W. Scott: The Talisman , chap. vi. Alarcon King of Barca, who joined the armament of Egypt against the Crusaders.

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