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By Y. Ryabov, G. Yankovsky

ISBN-10: 0486450147

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An available exposition of gravitation concept and celestial mechanics, this vintage quantity used to be written through a special Soviet astronomer. It explains with unheard of readability the tools utilized by physicists in learning celestial phenomena, together with perturbed movement, satellite tv for pc expertise, planetary rotation, and the motions of the celebs. fifty eight figures. 1959 edition.

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69 g cm−2 ). However, these ‘close-in’ extrasolar planets are likely to be quite different from our own Jupiter, due to the fact that they are much closer to their stars. 38 AU), these planets are bombarded by radiation from their parent stars and are therefore expected to be hot (T > 1000 K). Jupiter, at 5 AU from the Sun, has a blackbody temperature of only 110 K. 5 Spectroscopy 27 composition of the hot Jupiters to be significantly different from that of Jupiter. For example, at low temperatures (T < 1000 K), chemical equilibrium calculations show that carbon is mostly present in the form of CH4 , while at higher temperatures it appears as CO (Burrows and Sharp, 1999).

This name is something of a misnomer, since the so-called hot Jupiters are quite different from our own Jupiter – because of the fact that they orbit at such small orbital distances, they are much hotter and therefore have different chemical species present in their atmospheres. 5 days) and are more massive than Jupiter. 1. , 2004). 5 Mass (MJ) Fig. 3. The ten currently known transiting planets, as a function of planetary mass. The upper panel shows the period vs mass, and the lower panel shows radius vs mass.

Astron. , 369, 339–363. , Melo, C. H. , et al. (2005). A planet-sized star around OGLE-TR-122. Accurate mass and radius near the hydrogen-burning limit. Astron. , 433, L21–L24. Pourbaix, D. (2001). The Hipparcos observations and the mass of sub-stellar objects. Astron. , 369, L22–L25. , and Arenou, F. (2001). Screening the Hipparcos-based astrometric orbits of sub-stellar objects. Astron. , 372, 935–944. Sackett, P. D. (1999). Searching for unseen planets via occultation and microlensing, in Planets Outside the Solar System: Theory and Observations (NATO-ASI), eds.

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