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But there is more to the matter than that . For one thing, the equipment for large armies is potentially available. Newton Baker, the Secretary of War, found himself self hampered by lack of munitions supplies in 1917 . But to-day's army has its industrial mobilization plans . These are aimed at protecting the government from such a dilemmaas the 1917 rifle problem. Because it could not get delivery on . millions of up-to-date rifles, the army had to supply the troops with old pieces dated 1898 and 1903 .

On this convention and the Declaration of London of 119110 the United States in 119114 based its rigid neutrality, while Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria-Hungary were disdaining both the convention and the declaration . The end of the World War saw the death of the legalistic conception of neutrality for almost all the countries except the United States . The League of Nations, constructed on the respectable moral supposition that all peoples are their brothers' keepers, made it impossible for its members to be neutral .

But the ministers to the Balkans in 1939 and the State Department officials who guided the ministers in their diplomacy were alive to the prospect of great strength which even passive Yugoslavian support would give to the Hitlerean ambitions . The prospect put new vigor into the HullRoosevelt neutrality fight . Hull on July 14 wrote a new letter to Congress, crying that the embargo stood in the way of peace. The letter did not end the neutrality impasse at the Capitol . The upshot of the impasse was the White House conference where Vice President Garner pricked the President's anti-embargo hopes with the remark : "The game's up, Captain .

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