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Alice in Jamesland, the 1st biography of Alice Howe Gibbens James—wife of the psychologist and thinker William James, and sister-in-law of novelist Henry James—was made attainable by way of the rediscovery of countless numbers of her letters and papers regarded as destroyed within the Sixties. Encompassing eu commute, Civil conflict profiteering, suicide, a stormy courtship, s?ances, psychedelic mushrooms, the loss of life of a kid, and a permanent love tale, Alice in Jamesland is a portrait of a nineteenth-century upper-middle-class marriage, instructed usually via Alice’s personal letters and made all of the extra dynamic as a result of her function within the James kinfolk.  Susan E. Gunter positions Alice as a lens during which to view the kinfolk, as a perceptive observer aware of wisdom of relationships to which these outdoors the James kinfolk weren't. She additionally portrays Alice because the cohesive issue that held the Jameses jointly, bridging the distance among brothers William and Henry and performing because the strong heart for a hugely proficient yet eccentric kinfolk. An idealistic, critical younger girl, Alice was once uniquely fitted to sign up for this extended family, bringing mental soundness and unshakeable own conviction to her union with the Jameses. Her life’s tale offers a desirable view of 1 of America’s most vital highbrow dynasties and gives new insights into the lives of nineteenth-century ladies. (20090611)

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Guided once again by vague rumors, they left Giessen in the evening to avoid paying for another night in their hotel suite and headed south for Heidelberg. They stayed there for an undetermined time, first at a dreary suburban pension owned by a Professor Hoffmann and later with a Fräulein Theis, who regularly opened their mail. While in Heidelberg they walked on the two bridges across the Neckar River, Eliza Gibbens admiring the sunset while young German students admired her daughters. During their walks the women were often soaked by a downpour, and they became more and more depressed.

He was a Boston minister who founded the Radical Club, and his wife, Mary, was active in a number of causes. The Sargents had been committed abolitionists, and now, after the Civil War, they resumed their interest in perfectionist movements, though with a tempered realization that perhaps humanity could not perfect itself on its own. They invited their new friend to join the Radical Club. Alice’s interest in social reform, an outgrowth of her childhood commitment to abolitionism, coupled with her intelligence and personal warmth, made her a logical choice for membership.

She finally dipped into her slender funds to buy Alice a coveted set. 8 During the nineteenth century Heidelberg’s university students were renowned for their lifestyles, which included dueling, singing, romance, and drinking. They strolled through the city wearing colored caps and escorted by bull terriers. It is surprising that Eliza Gibbens allowed her daughters to remain in this setting for any length of time, even though they lived at a distance from the town’s center. However, Mrs. Gibbens only made decisions at Alice’s prodding and then reluctantly.

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