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By Federal Aviation Administration

ISBN-10: 156027557X

ISBN-13: 9781560275572

The primary abilities and crucial details priceless for piloting airplanes are brought during this starting aviator's advisor. Pilots wishing to enhance their flying talent and aeronautical wisdom, flyers getting ready for extra certificate or rankings, and flight teachers engaged within the guideline of either scholars and certified pilots will enjoy the details during this pilot source. The authentic FAA reference for the aviator-in-training, many try out questions for the FAA wisdom tests for pilots come at once from this consultant.

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Although this method of airplane control may become second nature with experience, the beginning pilot must make a determined effort to master the technique. The basic elements of which are as follows. No more than 10% of the pilot's attention should be inside the cockpit. Figure 3-2. Integrated or composite method of flight instruction. qxd 7/13/04 11:08 AM Page 3-4 scanning for other airplanes. If, during a recheck of the pitch and/or bank, either or both are found to be other than desired, an immediate correction is made to return the airplane to the proper attitude.

Practice of intentional airspeed changes, by increasing or decreasing the power, will provide an 3-6 excellent means of developing proficiency in maintaining straight-and-level flight at various speeds. Significant changes in airspeed will, of course, require considerable changes in pitch attitude and pitch trim to maintain altitude. Pronounced changes in pitch attitude and trim will also be necessary as the flaps and landing gear are operated. Common errors in the performance of straight-andlevel flight are: • Attempting to use improper reference points on the airplane to establish attitude.

The airspeed may vary from cruise airspeed to that used on the downwind leg of the landing pattern. But the wide range of possible airspeeds should not be interpreted to permit erratic pitch changes. The desired airspeed, pitch attitude, and power combination should be preselected and kept constant. DESCENT AT MINIMUM SAFE AIRSPEED—A minimum safe airspeed descent is a nose-high, power assisted descent condition principally used for clearing obstacles during a landing approach to a short runway.

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