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By Ruth Singer

The use of grammatical gender within the Australian language Mawng calls into query winning rules concerning the features of nominal category platforms. Mawng’s gender approach has a robust semantic foundation and performs a big function within the development of which means in discourse. Gender contract in verbs is often lexicalized, developing idioms referred to as lexicalised contract verbs which are structurally just like noun-verb idioms. This e-book may be of curiosity to someone drawn to nominal type or cross-linguistic methods to idioms.

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See for example the discussion of the 'predicate adjectives' pamngongkom 'ignorant (of)' and walmeerem 'knowledgeable (of)' in Gaby (2006)24. It is possible mungu 'ignorant' has an antonym 'knowledgable' that has simply not been recorded as mungu is infrequently used in Mawng. 6 Demonstratives The two common demonstratives inflect for gender and number as shown in Table 7. Table 7 Proximal and distal demonstratives and the article Proximal Distal Article Root -uka -aka -a ~ -ata MA nuka naka ja FE juka jaka jita LL tuka waka ta taka VE muka maka mata ED tuka taka ta PL puka paka pata Examples of each demonstrative are shown in (2-31) and (2-32) below.

2 Contrastive pronouns Contrastive pronouns encode core arguments, like cardinal pronouns. Their function is primarily to contrast one participant with another so they are often used for change of subject, particularly when the action of the new subject contrasts with that of the previous subject. Sentences (2-52) a-b are consecutive sentences from a story about a little boy and his grandmother in which the contrastive pronoun is used to indicate change of subject. (2-52) a. Awunnga-w-ng kirrk-ju 3GEN/3pl-give-PP COMPL-just aka-yarrkpu-ng.

Derivation frequently leads to narrowing of word meanings whereas inflection tends to be either very productive or completely lexicalised (Aronoff and Anshen 1998). Following Haspelmath (1996), I place greater emphasis on productivity in distinguishing inflection from derivation than whether a piece of morphology causes a change in the word class of the root. While I analyse the nominal prefix of wu-mawurr 'creek' as derivational, the form a-parrk 'penis' is clearly lexicalised, as the meaning of this form is not related to those of the other forms through some metaphor involving a semantic focus of Edible gender.

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