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The poor soul is unhappy. DORN. That is a trifle, your honour. Chinese Simplified breaks: 中断. cigar: 雪茄烟, 雪茄. condemn: 谴责, 遣责. cure: 治疗, 防治, 药, 治愈, 医治. destroy: 破坏, 摧毁, 毁灭, 歼灭. dragging: 拖, 拖动, 拖曳. drink: 喝, 饮用, 饮, 饮料. drinking: 喝. drinks: 饮料. easy: 容易, 轻而易举, 简易, 安逸, 便利, 便当, 容易的, 纵横. ego: 自我. experiences: 经验. forgive: 包涵, 包容, 原谅, 宽恕, 饶恕. glass: 玻璃, 杯子. honour: 荣誉, 尊敬, 名誉. inclination: 倾斜, 倾向, 心思. individuality: 个性. longer: 较长的. lunch: 午餐, 午饭. philosophy: 哲学. plus: 加, 加上, 加号, 正数. smoke: 烟, 抽烟, 烟雾, 硝烟, 吸烟, 熏.

In a burst of anger] That is an old story! Under these circumstances I shall go back to Moscow this very day. Order a carriage for me from the village, or I shall go to the station on foot. SHAMRAEFF. [losing his temper] Under these circumstances I resign my position. You must find yourself another manager. ] ARKADINA. It is like this every summer: every summer I am insulted here. I shall never set foot here again. [She goes out to the left, in the direction of the wharf. ] SORIN. [Losing his temper] What the deuce did he mean by his impudence?

SHAMRAEFF. Hm--that is splendid, but how do you intend to get there, madam? We are hauling rye to-day, and all the men are busy. What horses would you take? ARKADINA. What horses? How do I know what horses we shall have? Chinese Simplified alone: 独自, 单独, 单纯, 单独地. announced: 宣布. busy: 忙, 繁忙, 忙碌, 占线, 忙碌的. course: 课程, 经过, 进程, 路程, 路线, 学科, 过程. dear: 亲爱, 亲爱的, 可爱的. delighted: 愉快. elbow: 肘, 手肘. enthusiasm: 热心, 劲头, 热情, 积极性. footman: 仆从. hot: 热. hotel: 旅馆, 酒店. intend: 意图, 有意, 打算. judge: 法官, 裁判, 判定, 判断, 审判员.

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