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While my replica arrived, i found it's actually published the other way up. The textual content at the binding issues a technique, the textual content at the inside pages issues the opposite direction.

Nice in how to recognize that even the boffins at Oxford college Press can omit an incredible book-sized typo. Makes the remainder of us suppose a bit higher.

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But a theory, an emendation, advice, an apology, a ruling, a challenge, we only accept. access, accession. There are probably, in modern usage, no contexts in which one of these can be substituted for the other without the meaning's being modified. But, perhaps owing to the fact that, with such modification, similar collocations for both are not uncommon, the wrong one is sometimes carelessly or ignorantly chosen. With regard to arriving, accession means arrival, access opportunity of arriving; accordingly accession to the throne means becoming sovereign, access to the throne opportunity of petitioning the sovereign; we can say His access to fortune was barred, or His accession to fortune had not yet taken place, but not the converse.

Pairs & snares Parallel-sentence dangers Parenthesis Participles Passive disturbances Pedantic humour Pedantry Perfect infinitive Period in abbreviations Periphrasis per pro(c). Person Personification, nouns of multitude, metonymy -phil(e) Phonetics Pleonasm Plural anomalies Poeticisms Polysyllabic humour Pomposities Popularized technicalities Position of adverbs Positive words Possessive puzzles possible -p-, -ppPreprefer(able) Preposition at end Presumptuous wordformation Pride of knowledge probable Pronouns Pronunciation provided PsPtPurism gua Quasi-adverbs Quotation (Quotation marks) rather re Re(-) -re & -er Recessive accent regard relationship) (Relative pronouns) Repetition of words replace resort respectively) Retroreverend Revivals Rhythm -r-, -rr's said sake same Sanat-, sanitsave, conj.

Accent. Pronounce the noun a'ksnt, the verb akse'nt; see NOUN & VERB ACCENT. accentuate). ) the long form is now much the commoner ; in literal senses (sound or write with an accent), though either will pass, the short prevails ; & the DIFFERENTIATION is worth encouraging. acceptance, acceptation. The words, once used indifferently in several senses, are now fully differentiated. Acceptation means only the interpretation put on something (the 7 ACCESS word in its proper acceptation means love; the various acceptations of the doctrine of the Trinity), while acceptance does the ordinary work of a verbal noun for accept (find acceptance, be well received ; beg or ask one's acceptance of, ask him to accept; of.

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