John Wieners's 707 Scott Street: The Journal of John Wieners (Sun & Moon PDF

By John Wieners

ISBN-10: 1557132526

ISBN-13: 9781557132529

San Francisco 1958-9, prefaces by means of L Warsh & F Howe

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And the bats return home to the roof of Stone House to sleep. And I was born then. And poets go to sleep then. Into a new birth. And we are lucky when we dream. Practicing containment. To adhere to the structures of my being. Itrhethr thqtfall away into the sea or not. brother and sister sit together on the step ofthis stone house. Lizard under the stone, Is I comin or is I goin is it somethin or is it nothin is I livin or is I dyin bees buzz around us in the morning the two trees fulI of canaries atd in the burnt grass is yellow poppies.

The candidate is to reahze and impersonate this attitude as the effective symbol of his supreme metaphysical reahzatton. Something similar would seem to be indicated by the divine bed of Sir Lancelot and the queen: the two lovers are one, and each is both. lization of this identity they embody and make manifest the singular Form of forms which is beyond all space and time; their love play is the dance of that Cosmic Hermaphrodite; and their reunion in the Castle of Death is symbolic of the renewing moment that restores the life of the wodds.

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707 Scott Street: The Journal of John Wieners (Sun & Moon Classics) by John Wieners

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